About Us

Wexford of Indiana LLC provides medical, mental health, substance abuse treatment, dental, pharmacy, and ancillary services for more than 26,000 offenders located throughout the state of Indiana.

We ensure excellence through these five vital areas.

Quality care: We maintain a dedicated internal Quality Management Team to monitor quality of care and contract compliance; and to assist our clients with achieving their desired health care certifications.

Experienced management team: Our management team includes not only experienced corrections and health care professionals, but also experts on clinical programs, human resources, and finance. These individuals—the backbone of our company and some of the strongest leaders in the corrections industry—ensure that we remain responsive, adaptable, and ethical.

Staffing expertise: Wexford of Indiana is willing to go the extra mile to recruit and retain qualified health care professionals to meet the unique needs of our clients.  Our culture fosters an empowered, engaged workforce that provides unparalleled customer service and delivers quality, cost-effective results.

Technology: We invest the necessary time, training, and other resources up front to make sure the technology pays off for our clients—financially and operationally—in the long run.

Cost control: Our utilization management and other innovative programs cut costs without causing any negative impact on care or customer service.  As our mission statement says, we strive to provide innovative solutions that meet patients’ needs and exceed clients’ expectations.

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